Landwealthy.com charges to sell land on our site so you have to sign up as a member only to sell land.

To buy land there is no member sign up needed but you can sign up for the free Newsletters to see all the great deals and news.


BUY land for total price or $100 down and low monthly payments until payed off.

Sell land for $0 a month and up for more services. Need help no problem we are here to help from every part of the process for all parties. We have been in the land business for years and know how to make it simple for everone, with a neutral place for all parties to exchange reale state and moneys with low fees and help from our knowledgeable staff.


SERVICES – We also provide many other services to help start or grow your Real Estate business or build a portfolio all with just a small service fee for each service needed. 

Collecting – We can help you collect your monthly fees from selling land on LANDWEALTHY.COM with a small service fee and you do nothing but collect money right in the bank.

Portfolio Building – We know whats good and bad for your wealth building needs witht he select budgets , so we can help pick out the deals that are the best fit for you and make it all happen with ease.

Post for sale– We can also help get all the info on properties and or posting the listing for sale on the LANDWEALTHY.COM platform for a small service fee.

Title Check – Yep we can even do title checks for back taxes , liens , ect… in select states for a small service fee.

Many more to come – We will be added more and more services to help everyone using the platform.

This marketplace is based on Paypal transactions to ensure safe and secure transactions with out every going to an office or somewhere inconvenient. Land

Landwealthy.com holds the right to refuse sale to anyone it sees unfit to purchase.

Landwealthy.com does not sell land but sells services and holds a platform for vendors/members to sell their land to the public. Landwealthy.com is not responsible for what goes on outside just a sales transaction on Landwealthy.com. We just help transfer funds and property fairly on our platform as a third party only.

All purchases on Landwealthy.com are non-refundable and binding by the completed purchase on this website.

Landwealthy.com charges a 10% fee for all transaction on the website and is non-refundable

All buyers beware before any purchase on this website. Buyer is expected to do all research and due diligence before purchase of anything on Landwealthy.com.

Landwealthy.com is owned and ran by Skyline Real Estate Services.

Land comes with responsibilities like taxes and fees from governments of Cities , Counties , States , etc…


Feel free to contact us at any time at


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