Landwealthy.com charges to sell land on our site so you have to sign up as a member only to sell land.

To buy land there is no member sign up .


BUY land for total price or $100 down on all land and low monthly payments until payed off.


Landwealthy.com holds the right to refuse sale to anyone it sees unfit to purchase.

Landwealthy.com does not sell land but sells services and holds a platform for vendors/members to sell their land to the public. Landwealthy.com is not responsible for what goes on outside just a sales transaction on Landwealthy.com. We just help transfer funds and property fairly on our platform as a third party only.

All purchases on Landwealthy.com are non-refundable and binding by the completed purchase on this website.

Landwealthy.com charges a 10% fee for all transaction on the website and is non-refundable to the vendor.

All buyers beware before any purchase on this website. Buyer is expected to do all research and due diligence before purchase of anything on Landwealthy.com.

Land comes with responsibilities like taxes and fees from governments of Cities , Counties , States , etc…